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Mission: Our Mission is to provide an easy to use Trail Management and Communications system so Outdoor Enthusiasts (you) can plan adventures, and connect with Organizations. We will never showcase crowd sourced trail updates or trail networks.  All trail information and communication on the TrailHUB platform is authentic and directly from the passionate organizations and people who build and maintain trails.

Privacy:  We are not here to create spam, we hate spam too!  Your information will not be sold, or misused. You will see TrailHUB, Association and Organization sponsor ads - These Businesses and Manufacturers support the Trails. Please support the sponsors. Sponsors are what will sustain trail networks and the TrailHUB platform.

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Your preferences: In Member "Dashboard", you can adjust alert preferences, you can select/deselect how you would like to hear from us, organizations, generous sponsor deals, etc...  (you throttle it)

Security: We have built a secure platform that always redirects you into 256bit SSL Mode.

Liability: Many states and provinces have developed laws with the intent of protecting the generosity of landowners who make their land available for recreation.  Generally speaking “A landowner is not liable should someone get hurt while recreating on their property, whether the landowner is aware of the activity or not. “  For example in Vermont there is a State Law VSA Title 12, Section 5793.(a) states, "An owner shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury sustained by a person who, without consideration, enters or goes upon the owner's land for a recreational use unless the damage or injury is the result of the willful or wanton misconduct of the owner." In addition, a landowner has not duty to inspect the land to be sure that it is a safe for a specific recreational use or to discover any dangerous conditions.

If you are curious to learn more about the State/Provincial laws, please search online for laws that pertain to your State or Province. TrailHUB, Organizations, Trustees on TrailHUB not liable for your actions. Be Safe – Be Smart and use TrailHUB as a general guide to Trail Conditions. We are not a survival tool, the use of paper maps are highly encouraged as digital devices alone can fail at any time. Weather and Trail conditions can vary by the minute, your actions are your sole responsibility. Never recreate alone.