Integration Partners

Looking for something more than our Trail Conditions Widget?  Maybe display your Trails and Conditions on your website while maintaining your own formatting/brand?

TrailHUB Integration Partners have the ability to leverage our cloud API to securely display your Trails/Conditions and informational posts on your Website. Works on Apps too!

How does this secure cloud API work?

  • Organizations SignUP on TrailHUB, add trails, difficulty, length and enjoy our one of a kind single-click trail status update features.

  • After SignUP, Organizations have free access to our secure cloud "API" ("API" - this is a geeky term for a "website connector" that allows any website or app to talk directly to the trailhub cloud and display your trail data and trail status accurately)

  • Organizations then can work with our certified partners below OR your own web developers to show your trails and conditions on any website or any app.

Contact partners below to see what they can do for you.


The Ondago application offers a new twist on technology to provide maps that are simple, practical and intuitive to use. Whether you want to publish your maps in the application or you are an outdoor activity enthusiast, an exploring tourist or any other type of visitor, Ondago will fulfill your needs.

Map Owners:
As a map owner, you can grab your maps and implement them in the Ondago application for free! Using your map, Ondago keeps your organization’s personality, your colours, logo and design. With control over your content, you can add rich information to communicate with your visitors whether they are trail lengths, difficulty or conditions using the TrailHUB platform! To know more about how you can offer your map in the app, visit our website or contact us!

Leave your paper maps at home! Ondago allows you to easily locate yourself on electronic maps while staying offline. Maps in the Ondago app give you the best information to take your experiences to the next level. Combined with TrailHUB to know exactly which trail conditions to expect during your adventures, you will also be able to easily and simply plan your activities and follow your itineraries.

Visit our website to learn more about the numerous functionalities of Ondago or click here to download the app!


Your Web Development Company belongs here

Do you build websites for Resorts or Recreation Facilities?  Please contact us - we are looking for partners in USA and Canada that will leverage the TrailHUB cloud API and help Outdoor Adventure Organizations build amazing websites that communicate directly to those who love their trails.