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Hello from TrailHUB!




I’m Shannon, multi-generation Vermonter and Founder of TrailHUB.  Like you, I love being outdoors & enjoy many outdoor activites.

The challenge:

  • Organizations have limited budgets, limited staff or volunteers.
  • Keeping trail & snow conditions updated on a website is a pain for Organizations & Associations.
  • Private and Public land owners/managers often have special wishes - its not easy communicating those wishes.
  • Trail Sustainability, Mother nature always wins - Whether it’s a “welcome” storm or “unwelcome” storm many weather events can be isolated, wouldn’t it be nice to quickly find which region is/is-not affected?  
  • How many website bookmarks do you have?  How much time do you waste searching for trail conditions information?
  • Think back to your last trip.  Digging through google searches is nearly impossible.  Who do you trust?

The solution:

TrailHUB is a revolutionary new trail search and communications platform connecting people to any outdoor activity in USA & Canada.

Our goal is to make it Easy for Organizations to Manage trail networks and Easy for Outdoor Enthusiasts to search and stay connected to their favorite trails. Outdoor Enthusiasts who use the TrailHUB app can "Follow their favorite Trail Networks ♥" and receive real-time trail and snow condition updates directly from Trail Crews. No crowd-sourcing here, everything on TrailHUB is 100% Authentic.

…It's about Trail & Snow Conditions. ...It’s about Proactive Communications delivered directly to you from the hard working folks who build, maintain and manage trail networks.

Check it out: http://bit.ly/hub-app 


Search for Adventure and "Follow your Favorite Trail Networks ♥ today!"

Shannon King
TrailHUB Founder & Outdoor Enthusiast